JerseyRenews Letter

The following is a sign-on letter to Speaker Coughlin asking that this bill be brought up for a vote with its env. justice amendments. RJVNJ is a signatory on the letter. We’re sharing here because it lays out the strengths of the bill in clear, succinct language.

Dear Speaker Coughlin:

The undersigned group of diverse stakeholders writes to urge you to post and pass a transformational bill on electrifying transportation — A4819/S2252 – including proposed amendments which have been sent to you and the bill sponsors.

As you know, ChargEVC, has conducted a benefit cost study, which makes the case on why New Jersey should implement the specific initiatives recommended this bill.[1]  Looking at just the benefits to ratepayers is net positive, resulting in approximately $4.3 billion in savings through 2035. It is worth emphasizing that despite the concerns about potential ratepayer burden from clean energy initiatives, EV market development puts downward pressure on rates.

Additionally, fueling with electricity puts money back in pockets of New Jersey drivers – the difference between fueling with electricity versus petroleum fuels will save a two-car household nearly $2,000 a year.  In New Jersey, that’s $8.4 billion of cumulative savings through 2035 – disposable income that helps rev up our economy. [2]

As you know, transportation in New Jersey is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions; increasing the number of electric vehicles on our roads is the most effective and economic way to reduce carbon and other health impacting air pollutants.

The year 2020 will be a landmark year with a substantial roll out of electric cars, SUVs and trucks at a variety of price points.  Addressing range anxiety (fear of running out of charge) is the biggest barrier to getting these cars on our roads.  This bill solves that problem with a nation-leading Essential Public Fast Charging network. By leveraging private sector investment, legislators will send an important and timely signal that New Jersey is open for business with respect to the value chain of businesses that make up this evolving industry.  Many California-based EV-related companies are looking for an East Coast location to plant their flag.  New Jersey stands to gain by creating the necessary market conditions.  Attached, please find the Ratepayer Protection Package embedded in the bill that addresses the issues we’ve heard in the committee hearings to date.

The bill will address the need to electrify NJ Transit’s bus fleet fully by 2035 to bring electrification’s benefits to bus riders and expand electrification opportunities for medium and heavy duty trucks, especially at New Jersey’s ports. This bill, as amended, will ensure the Electric Vehicle Working Group will identify programs to ensure EV job training opportunities for environmental justice communities and environmental equity interests will be represented on the working group.

We are asking for your leadership to get this bill passed out of the Assembly Environment and/or Assembly Transportation Committees before the end of March, and to a floor vote as soon as possible after committee votes. Please let Norah Langweiler of Jersey Renews know if you would like to meet to discuss the legislation at or via phone at (609) 882-6100.

Thank you for your consideration.

[1] A Roadmap for Vehicle Electrification in NJ: